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Sujan was born out of the dream to add a breath of fresh air to your homes, offices, and retail spaces. With its unique and versatile collection of planters and pots, we spin an air of tranquility and the peace of nature to surround you.
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Quality finishes on planters from Sujan ensure they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions during spring, summer, fall and winter. Snow, sleet, rain, and excessive sunshine are no match to our planter’s durability.


Planters from Sujan are made to last. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, plant containers are able to withstand adverse weather, foot traffic, UV rays and more while offering an attractive foundation to plant designs.


Planters from Sujan require very little maintenance. They can be left without care for a significant amount of time in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, an occasional cleaning and wax can help to keep them looking their best.